Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chetham Dockyard : 'Minimalism'

I have lots of other pictures, very different from each other, taken at the Chetham Dockyard, where I went all yesterday with my family. But this one, that I wanted to show you, is the result of the Afterclass theme, this month, on Minimalism.

I hope, I did understood finally what it is about, and for sure, I would not have observed that and taken it like this, if it was not all the pictures showed at different threads of the Minimalist class of flickr, all through the month.

I may have my preferences, but I look now more of details and also of some lines and "clean" photos. I like the harmony of this one.

It is always interesting to learn something new, to try it out, to keep something from it.

Meanwhile, the fall is even "redder, browner" darker, on my street.

Chetham is very near, we did arrive in only half an hour, and the harbour was, is, very interesting. It is very far, when, as it happened when we come back, we fall in three different traffic jams. With the first one, an accident, we did stay at a place for more then half hour, with the second and third, just went at 10 miles an hour or less.

But finally we stopped at a Burger King and when we came oout, the traffic was fluid again. It was an eventful interesting agreeable trip, and not at all... minimalistic!

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