Saturday, October 3, 2009

Symetry in nature

There are so many marvels in the nature that before I would have passed by without even stopping, observing, marvelling at them!

From the time I took my camera in my hand to stroll, I see so much more, all around me, and not only in the nature.

People, interactions, sadness or happiness, all the people reading in the Tube, and not just journals, but lots of them also books.

Today, I feel I have been fullish to decide to speak in public, tell about my life, storytelling is wonderful, but I am not sure I am yet, well prepared for it. But no more backing out from it.

I'll do it.

Tomorrow, repetitions, I am looking forward to hear the other nine, personal stories. Reading, or telling. I would prefer to tell. But I'll do how most of them do? I'll really know, tomorrow evening, after we all got together.

I'll for sure learn something from this adventure.

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