Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Was I better?

Was I better when I was taking pictures in Paris, or are people more interested in Paris then in London?

I have more then three hundred who did look at my picture of two lonely looking people on Paris's metro and only a few of the people from the London's metro. Or are people more expressive there, more letting go their emotions then here?

I do not really think so.

The last created Toastmasters Club in London's name is not First London Toastmasters club. Strange, not? I went yesterday, and realized they do need help, and it give me incentive to go more often, to pitch in, and even, eventually, join.

The problem of course it that Monday is also, once a week, the Canal Theatre Café's Personal Storytelling day, and that I do intend to help and to listen, to participate there.

We'll see. But it is good to think of new things I could do, now as soon I'll be Competent Toastmaster, CTM, as in two weeks I'll be giving my 10th Manual speech.

From then on, the "Advanced" speeches, from 15 different manuals to choose, most of them I have from long time ago, three of them will be new one's, but the old manuals almost did not change either.

I love a lot more beginnings then ends, but the transition is not always easy. Of course, having succeeded, is more an achievement as an end, but it does feel a bit scary, nerveless.

I had a goal, and going soon to the end of it, I do have that nagging question I can not put far enough "now what?"

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