Thursday, July 2, 2009


I become addicted.

I was already to photographing, reading, and now, I become also addicted to Public Speaking! I am already in two different Toastmasters Clubs, but I consider other places also where I can speak, and Storytelling places.

Listening to others is as much joy as speaking of course.

Delivering a speech is very fulfilling, when I succeed to catch the audience attention, but preparing the speech makes it even more special.

First, the next task from the my communication book, ponder it: what theme would be best with this one. One incident of my life to illustrate it? I go toying with this incident and ideas, for days, weeks. Then something "almost similar" happens and the speak begin to emerge, broader then it seemed before, Fast, I take out my dictaphone and tell it. It flows out of me.

I do stumble from time to time, but do not have to think. Somehow the six minutes come out of me without any pause. Fast, I listen to it. Yes, I did stumble here and there, yes, I have to correct some past and present tenses, but my voice! Exactly as I wanted for the "voice variety task", no, even better!

This is only the first step, I have a few more weeks to correct it, but I'll give you soon the rough, first burst of my "found" creation. Its title is: "The past changes."

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