Monday, July 6, 2009

Race for life in London

Race in Blackheath, for Cancer Research: some run, others jogged, some walked or were ported. 11.000 girls and women of all ages. And such a wonderful mood! But also sad, lots had on their back "in memory of dad, or grand dad, or aunt, or mother..." and they did run to remember or, some times to speak of the courage of those who fight it still.

30 years ago, some people I knew were also collecting for Cancer research, although I did not like what they did with the money they collected and the power that gave them over some of us. Thirty years, had the research progressed in all that time, or is it still in its infancy?

But yesterday morning, what enthusiasm and courage from all! Even the old lady whose husband dies a few month ago of cancer! She came with her daughter and grand daughter who did race for "dad and grand dad".

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