Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Washington near Potomac -161

It is this, 161th photograph, of my Sunday stroll that gave me the greatest joy. Not because he did agree for me to take it, not even because he asked for my flickr site to be able to see it, and we begun to spoke for a while, but it offered me a comment.

Merodrama, was helping me for a long time to menage my group People Reading on flickr and knew my pleasure to take photos of people while they read.

He suddenly believed, I think, if only for a moment, that the expo at Viewfinder in London ; Kertesz photos of people reading, was of my photos.

Andre Kertesz, famous photographer, from between the two World Wars, Budapest - Paris - New York, shares more then his name Kertesz with me. Let's say, me with him.

We share our passion for people, heroes of everyday life. How we look at them, and a bit, how they look back to us. How near we find them and show them.

I did not know until now, he did lots of photos, too, of people reading!

The expo will last enough for me to go and see, when I return to London. What a joy, and not only chance to have such good friends on the web, to alert me of it.

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