Friday, July 31, 2009

Julie (75) by Rosemary (60)

It was a great pleasure to walk at the Eastern Market and the Fish Market with Rosemary - this is one of our "product" - in fact, I am only the subject in it, Rosemary took it, and she succeeded to make me look in it not so bad for my 75 years.

So long time I said to myself "soon the 75 will come" that I am still surprised that it did arrive, and pass.

And no, I do not look with any pleasure to arrive to the 80 now, unless the pleasure to arrive until there, and then, like now someways, have some young tell me "oh, if ever I arrive there!" as it would be enough for him!

I did succeed also to take one good photo of Rosemary but it was not the one near the flowers, because yes, a photo is a cooperation and you have to look relaxed at least natural on it. Or perhaps, I did not took enough time. But once I did succeed to surprise her.
Eastmarket Washington (49)
This one, done with the Canon portrait mode, but the background because of that is not really visible.

Great memories!

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