Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bus 54 end Etham Green

There are all kind of neighborhoods and houses, in London, I was in awe to see so many on the way to Lewisham townhouse in Etham Green or just before it.

Just realized, the 54 takes from the Greenwhich townhouse in Whoolich, were I was a few month ago to that of the borough of Lewisham.

I also just realized, that my houses, at least in this image, are indeed parallel and the windows rectangular and not pyramidal, but, but it looks as I, or the houses, were drank, inclined a bit.

I'll try to correct that, also the image will lose some of its sharpness.

So, ok, we all have to learn: "think, listen, try out" Trial and error. Then, next time we'll do a bit better. I hope!

Taking a bus not knowing where will lead you was exciting, I'll try it others time too.

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