Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Change of Guards

I have seen it, finally.

I went to "show London" in a few hours to a familly member who arrived from France, age 15 - a difficult age, the adolescence.

"What you want to see?"
Big Ben.

As when you go to Paris, you want first the Eiffel Tower. Then, you can tell "you have seen Paris."

Of course, there is more to Paris, more to Londong that those, but most tourists want to see those first, more important.

And yes, both are Big, Huge and can be seen from far axway. Ben is Big. Why is called Ben? Eiffel Tower too, is big, bigger then one imagines it.

So much more to Paris, to London!

We went to see also the Horse Guards changing. Slowly. So slowly.

They even waited for something in the pouring rain.

I am sure they were happy to go back finally as we were to go farther when they finished!. But it was a great show, and I can tell now "I have seen it!"

At the end, we went to "Prêt a manger" to eat a sandwitch then to the Covent Garden. Outside it rained, inside was great. For me.
Alexi's 1st time in London_1289
For lots of people who cared to enjoy themselves. I did.

But came home very tired and I am still tired for the moment. Perhaps the rain does not agree with me. There will not be many rain in Washington I presume this summer!

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