Thursday, July 9, 2009

Modern life wonders

I do not remember having observed, until now, the great colors they have painted inside the Covent Garden.

And that is not all!

You can of course, eat or have a drink, buy some souvenirs, or listen to an opera singer, look at a Joggler or a Clown.

But a lot more!

Here, in that corridor, I discovered chairs.

One of the young men was deep into his laptop computer, connected to the world, the other in his pda, listening to music.

So much has changed in our lifes in just a few dozens of years, and it does keep changing!

I did speak with the young with French old like hat: "not only it is small and really portable, my laptop, but I can also edit my pictures in it" he told me. "And it is not expensive, either. Something around 200," he added to me delighted.

Wonders of the modern times, that we did only dream a few years only back.


  1. Julie, I've been having so much trouble accessing your blog since I upgraded for IE8 that today I finally downloaded Mozilla Firefox. Everyone kept telling me it works much better and voila! they are right!

    Hope to be visiting more often!

  2. I use Flock, wich is a variant of Firefox, also, from time to time, I try the blog out with other Navigators, as IE, Safari, etc.