Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Married a first of July, in 1960

I did believe until a few minutes ago, ii is the 50th anniversary, but no, only the 49th of my marriage with him, the father of my two children. At the time, I already liked to do portraits.

Here he is, a very happy satisfied and proud young husband.

It was in July 1960, early morning. A few days after our marriage.

I did capture so much in this image! How could I say that I begun photography only a few years ago? Yes, I did not do many, it was not a great passion yet, but I believe I had already the touch. Bring out something authentic from the others. Catch the expression.

What a joy to see this one after so many years!

Yes, it did not last all our life, yes, it was covered with bad memories, but we did have lots of wonderful moments, days, years, together.

I am preparing a statement for the book on the Greenwich expo, no, I cannot say in it that I begun photography only seven years ago. Here it is the photo from 49 years ago telling me the opposite. Testifying for me, after so many years. And I just discovered it this morning, looked at it really, this morning.

How our perception of the past and ourselves can change!

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  1. Nice muscles and a head full of hair -- even if things didn't work out, I can certainly see the attraction!

    Like you, I've dabbled in my passion (writing) my entire life, but really only began to pursue it seriously about 7 years ago.

    Thanks for sharing this memory!