Friday, July 17, 2009

After 30 years

I'll have to make a long list to ennumarate all the wonderful people (and Toastmasters or future TMs) that I found yesterday evening, going back to my 'mother' club where I have been thirty years ago.

I did go for three years twice a month to the Monument Toastmasters Club, 1978 to 1980 fall, when I had to leave USA.

At this occasion, I remembered the place I sit the first time I spoke, but not what it was about. I did remember how much patience they had with my fledging English - worse then now. I remembered how much courage - and technics - the Toastmasters gave me.

I also told and explained, there is always yet another chance. Expression given to me in English by my grand son.

I was voted the best speech of the evening, my grand son told me " I knew it, your structure was so good! " As much as the riban I won made me happy, those words from my grand son made me even more so.

Thanks Gerard, thanks Janice, thanks Betesea, thank a lot all of you for the wonderful welcome, and thirty years for now, do not forget to go back where you started: it will count\ to them, it will count for you.

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