Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Washington Jefferson monument

I went to Washington Sunday, but not yet to see my favorite building in it, the Jefferson monument near the lake not far from the Potomac river.

I came up this picture, taken in 2005 (or even before), because it is used in Wikipedia. It is not linked back directly, also a link can been found if someone really would seek it.

I came back to it, because I was asked to let them use farther on, by changing the non-comercial clause on them. As I do use Wikipedia sometimes for information, and get good ones most of the time, I just did that. Of course, that lets it open also to abuse by others.

Between four images used by Wikipedia, this is the only one I really like a lot: it represents the Monuments part of Washington for me. Also, a tranquil serenity.

I was happy when I have taken it.

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