Sunday, July 26, 2009

Each our ways

Some use them to remember the Saturday is comming, others to remember people who are no more there - or even times when there was no other lights.

How many did write or draw under candle light!

There are many people missing from my life, but I do not usually remember them Friday or all together. And from all of them, I still remember and miss the more the one that I survived with now 65 years, my cousin killed by SS.

We did go to school together for three years, sit one to other in the same bench and played each day. Quarelled often but made up as soon too. I miss her now but I remember even stronger how much I did miss her when I was 11 to 14 years old, because I still wanted to believe then she will come back, that somehow she, even if she was not yet ten years old, escaped.

I did not tell that tale to my grand children, also I begun to tell them some more sunny war tales.

My year and escapes come back to my memory, now I have to ordain them into a story. I did live to tell the tale.

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