Saturday, July 11, 2009

Speak out Challege Final

Great and eventful evening, yesterday!

I could assist, with 600 others to the finals of the Speak out, listen to the 18 chosen from almost 50 000 young to demonstrate us, to compete for the final "title".

But as Alan Duncan, MP, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons and a wonderful Speaker indeed, told us at the end, they "all won!" Not only those who got to speak yesterday, but all who did participate.

He recounted, as a great speaker, an event from his youth, when they spoke and did not win - apparently - and then how much all those participating did gain from the event. He also explained us, why and how the young speakers we heard were so great.

Not only they all spoke from the heart, to the audience, but they also learned the art of pause, the importance of it in a great speech. He did even demonstrate, how it is when you do not pause!

I loved also a lot of the content, to take photos of those who did not speak and even of Duncan, Irene and Key Key, who were present, who did speak on BBC2 and had 2 million audience. Great evening in all, and guess who "won"?

Eniola Alonge, is from a school from Lewisham, same place where my main ToastMasters Club is. She spoke about childhood and adulthood and was funny too. Lots of memorable speeches!

Thursday, I'll speak at my first Toastmasters Club, Monument Toastmasters, where I went 30 years ago, for almost 3 years. They already announced my coming, speaking, with "fanfare", great responsibility and great joy too.

Here are the few photos and four video fragments I have taken yesterday.

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