Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do you like Homework?

No,I do not really enjoy it when it is imposed. But I usually do it, and then go beyond.

I love research. Discovering new things! Digging deeper, looking here and there, finding snippets of gold as if by chance.

I have to give a speach were I use Research from different sources next for my Toastmasters meeting end August, or mid August. Research filling the gaps - the homework said.

About what?

I finally decided, it will be about my last passion, Public Speaking.

I have done lately a lot of digging here and there, Ted.com on the Web, The Speaker on BBC2, Speach contests where I listened, books that I read or am reading.

Some books compare Public speaking to Romancing (the Room) the Audience, in fact one by one. Others, compare it to Method Acting and give advice from there. Some advice to never learn by root or write down, others to read it word by word, and give methods to do it well.

All say of course: Know your audience!

So easy said, not easily done. For example, I have no idea who does read this blog...

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  1. Me! I read this blog!

    I've actually switched to Mozilla Firefox at home because IE8 so often aborts when I try to bring you up. At work, the other place where I catch up on blog-reading (on my lunch hour), I'm still using IE, and it still aborts when I try to link here from my blogroll. All of which is to explain why I tend to read several days' worth at a time, but only comment once or twice....