Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TM Comitee Meeting

It was wonderful to have for the first time Guests in my apartment, even if they came to work: it was our first meeting with the new leaders of the Lewisham Speakers Club. We have so much to learn yet!

I am from now on, for a year, Vice President of Membership. My role is large, but in a phrase, I have to insure new members will join and those in the club are happy with what we do and how the Toastmasters program help them.

From "prospective" to Guests. From Guests, new Members. And so on... happily, I am not the only one greeting guests and members and making sure our club operates well. I was happy with the mood yesterday evening, proving to me (as I think back now) that our goals, of each of us, is to make it work better.

Through discussions, sometimes even passionate, the important was "how to be more effective" for each of our members, and not at all any personal agendas. That is very important! Lots and lots of work awaits us from now on, for a year!

I am happy to have chosen to invest more energy in the Toastmasters and Public speaking, and having volunteered, when it was needed, to take a more active role, not only speaking. Of course, when you choose one way, you can not go others: I'll have to go lot less in the different Meetups I used, but I'll not drop all of them, just pace them farther apart, as of course my time and my energy is finite.

Twelve more days, and I'll turn 75!

Yes, I have now to prove myself (more then for others) then "there is life after 70" - and event 75 of course. My new friend, Klara does prove it to me: she is 86 and very active.

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