Monday, June 22, 2009

Long day: first day of the summer 2009!

My morning begun taking photos inside, then of flowers on the road towards St. John's church. People were gathering, just then and I met not only the reverend, who had invited me for the Christmas lunch, but also the first couple I photographed a year ago!

Great joy, not only did they recognize me, but she told me: "I follow your blog, will we be in it tomorrow?"

Of course, with joy!

And then, she demonstrated me that she follows also my images "I love your photos, my preferred were those of fall leaves." I was happy she remembered them!

Around St John's Church-3 Around St John's Church-14
Bus to the station, train to Charing X, I went to Trafalgar Square in for a few shots before taking the underground to the "Music day in Exhibition road" near South Kensington station.

Where is the music?

In the museums, all the museums! a nice girl answered me, giving me a brochure of different international venues.
Museums in & out-30Dancing at the music in the Museum

Finally, I went in the Natural History Museum and at the Victoria & Albert Museum. At the first, I was rewarded with a tiny girl dancing joyously to the guitar music. At the second, with marvelous sculptures. Both places to return to.
Around Charing Cross station-22 Around Charing Cross station-17
Near Charing Cross, I saw my first open red bus, but even more important, I had a great discussion with a street cleaner from Mac Donald "one day I'll be able to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower!"

Near the Victoria Embarkader, I stumbled at an orchestra arrived from Oklohoma and lots of people in reclining chairs listening to them. Even here, I found someone dancing to the music, but instead of a small girl it was a white haired funny nice man.

Between the 420 photos taken, it is difficult to choose which to show, but here are two others I like a lot. The red telephone boots, so much "London" for me, and three beauties, just before they entered St. John's church.
Around Charing Cross station-29 Around St John's Church-8
A very eventful day and lots of photos taken with my new camera - also I have to learn to use it better yet.

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