Friday, June 26, 2009

TM Club festive evening

This is our youngest member in the newly formed group, he did make already stunning progress from the time he joined!

At our festive meeting, he was the first going around with the microphone and warming up the meeting, a role he performed with lots of poise and elegance.

I told him so, before taking this photo, and you can see also his mother in the background really proud of him.

It is a pleasure to meet and speak and I hope his mother will have the courage to come and learn too, if I can do it at 75 (and went as I told her 30 years ago) she can do it too. And she has already wonderful gestures, a very speaking face and body language and a great voice too.

TM Club festive evening-14Another good contact I had with the District Governor Gary Sander responsible of at all the Toastmasters Clubs in United Kingdom , District 71. He was, as usual to really great men, very open and modest, he spoke mostly of his long hours of work and him forgetting even to eat. "One more year. But we are now at the 8th position world wide."

At the pause, he came near my chair and I took a picture looking up, I knew from my experience with the professional photographer who took the best one of me like that for the Magazine I appeared last June.

I did take a few other pictures, not bad at all, but these two are the best: one of a beginner Toastmaster, the other of the one at almost the top, with lots of experience behind him.

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