Sunday, June 28, 2009

I love having guests

For the first time, I'll have people not from my immediate familly, and more then one or two visitors from around here, coming to my place.

What a joy to prepare, to imagine, even - to remember.

Remembering other times, far away in my life, when I lived in an apartment were we could dance. It was in Bucarest, I was 23, and for the first time, I finally had a group. In fact, they were the friends of my boyfriend, not mine, but they invited their girlfriends and I invited my friends with their boyfriends or alone.

OK, so it finished with one of my not so good friends taking away my boyfriend. She was probably ready to give him more then me, and I was away on a holiday where my parents send me to be farther from him. But I do remember with joy the excitement of preparation.

We will not dance of course, it is an official meeting, but I'll have different, not yet well known people come and as they go home, I'll know them better. Preparing, expecting, is great anyway!

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  1. It's wonderful that you take such joy in preparing for your guests. I feel the same when I invite my children/step-children and their families over.