Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lewisham Speakers Club

We just "incorporated" having passed the required (more then 20) membership, perhaps we did arrive toward 30 by now.

When I joined, in February, I did not know the club was formed just in November by three! One of them, I met, near my home and we begin to speak.

From now (or July) I am the Vice president of Membership, role they needed, and will try to care for our present members (to be happy with our club) and the new ones to bring them to it, for the Guests, that can come whenever they want to participate.
Lewisham Speakers Club

The only problem is my memory bad with names, but I'll try to learn, or avoid, or put (as we did at the beginning) etiquettes with our names on each present. Our names are important, to each of us! Part of our identity.

I found two great books, that will help me to give better speeches (even if the Toastmasters have and give when you join, Competent Speaker manual): one is about the body language with lots of photos in it, the other is about "how to find, craft and deliver" Personal stories. How to make them interesting: using personal details of our senses (painting movies in the audience mind) but also how to add some "point" to it that makes the bridge between our personal experience and the listener.

Next time, beside the body language and the experience I want to speak about, I'll have to think how to tailor it better to my listeners, and not to have one of them ask me "what was the point?"

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