Saturday, June 6, 2009

The three beauties

It can not be contest, each of them is beautiful differently.

They sell beauty products at the King Cross train station, in a shop, counseling clients what to buy.

I will not become beautiful, neither young again, but at least, cover a bit some of the redness on my skin, I hope. Also, each time I'll put on a creme, I bought there, I'll remember them and their nice smile.

How many different personalities, how many different beauties there are in life!

I asked my vendor to take her photo and she asked: "could you take also my colleague?" And then, the third came in "and also her?" I took a few of them in a less lightened place and then asked to them to move. "Yes, of course."

Now, I just have to find the email address they gave me to send them too. Meanwhile, here they are.

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