Monday, June 29, 2009

Lunch in the garden: a warm welcome

A wonderful afternoon (and lunch), and to say that a few weeks ago we did not know each other!

We met in Greenwich park, where she was walking her small dog, Pipa, and I was with my great-daughter anniversary party.

If I would not have asked that interesting lady of certain age and great intelligence for a photo, we would have never met. She was the one who detected my Hungarian accent, as it is also her mother language. Both of us did not speak it for a long time.

And we do have so much to tell each other!

We have sometimes difficulty to find the right words in Hungarian, but what a joy! And what a great hostess she is too! Difficult to describe all she did to make me feel welcome.

Some photos of the garden and her beloved dog


  1. What a fabulous chance meeting :)

  2. Your pictures make her garden look so inviting! My high school French teacher, Mr. Polony, was Hungarian by birth, so my French, such as it is, probably has a slight Hungarian accent (if you can detect it beneath my Ohio twang).