Sunday, June 7, 2009

Photographing IS allowed!

It is good to know.

We begin to make portraits at the Waterloo Main station, after this one, asking people to pose for us, they were happy to do so, (most whom we asked).

When I did ask two policemen, one of them told me "you are not allowed to take here photos!" then added, a bit trubled "because insurance problems" and also "if you want to take photos here, go ask a permission at the main office"

"Where is the main office"?

He did indicate us.

I proposed to go there, see what they tell us.

After waiting and waiting for the boss to speak to us, we explained what happened and asked for the badge to be able to take photos at the station.

"You do not need one, you may take photos at the station!" he told us. And if any policeman tells you again "no" tell Them to come here and speak with us, here.

So, it seems, if you do not take the photo of a policeman (that is another matter probably) then you do have the right to take photos in London's train stations.


  1. I'm glad to hear that :) When we were in Russia there were 'no photography' signs in every station, which was a shame because they have such architecturally beautiful stations.

  2. They've gotten touchy about photographs of mass transit here in the States, ever since 9/11.