Thursday, June 18, 2009

Helping, when needed

He stopped in the middle of the Thames in the city, near Waterloo bridge, and helped another boat and man who lost contact and was alone.

That is all we could do, from time to time.

"Your best speech so far" - a few Toastmasters told me. "You mix up sometimes present and past" was one of my "recommendations": aie!

"Engaged with the audience. Excellent stance, presentational abilities.", but he would have liked if I'd move more my hips!

"Lovely introduction and movement with hands as mirror. The vocal variety & pauses were excellent. I like the bit at the end where we all join in." (The vocal variety will be my next task, perhaps in August)

"Julie, your vocal variety is amazing. As you gain more focus, in what you are saying, you gain more power."

"Nice story about your past. I could relate to the situation about the benefits of the smile. Once I was always looking angry. I now try to smile all the time." - this one was between the 15 observations I got, that I loved the most." - Really "relating" with what I said! Thanks!

I changed the order of the last two points, did not forget any of them and this time got just over 6 minutes. At the end, all repeated with me the last phrases.

What I did succeed, without thinking about it, is moving more and looking to each even at the end of the rows. Those I do not have to think any more, I do it nowadays more and more automatically.

And I come back with my own car, also very slowly: not everyone behind me was very happy with that, but after ten there were not many on the streets I have taken. And of course, even "slow" the car takes me home very fast!

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