Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Body language is important

This is the text, more or less as it will be delivered tonight to the toastmasters meeting.

When I was young, I killed people.

No, I did not kill with a knife, I killed with my eyes. And, for a very long time, I was even not aware to be aggressive. I did not react, I told myself. Did I? Hurt by others words and scorn, I just stared at them with close lips and fists and my eyes and stance told them all.
As a young woman suddenly I was afraid of the wrinkles that will come. As I read in a magazine, how we look the most often determines what the wrinkles on our face will tell about us. I took a mirror and did not like what it did tell me. Then I smiled. Yes! Those were the wrinkles I wanted!

Smile was not me. I had to remember to smile. I did smile and did smile, more and more often and more and more naturally, until the smile become me.
Body language by Gaby-10Body language by Gaby-12

Two weeks ago, I assisted to a Toastmaster meeting where Chris, who founded the Lewisham Toastmasters club gave a speech: "I had a dream". Without listening even, by the dignity of his stance and movements and his voice, one could already tell he did succeed. If not as easy as he hoped at the beginning, his dream come true. Our club was created and his child took his first steps, alone. We could see what he was telling us in our minds eyes too.

Last week, we had elections in another Toastmaster club. For the president next year there were two candidates. They had each three minutes to convince us to vote for them.

Who do you think won?

The one whose body movement, voice and stance said: I am president, the one who already felt as if he were.

Body language should be ours, not imitated from others with different temperament, but even how we feel can be influenced by how we move. So next time you come out to speak, stand right, take a deep breath, hold your head up and smile. You'll feel more confident. Begin then enchanting us with your speech. If you feel confident, delivering it, we'll feel more confident believing in it.

With the help of the body language you'll be able to convince us to do, what you believe we should.
Now, repeat and show after me, each in your own way:
Body language by Gaby-7
How we move our heads,
how we look with our eyes and lips,
Arms and hands speaking
what we do with our arms and hands,
how near we go to others and when we move,
Body language by Gaby-14d
all should go together with what we say
and renforce the message we want to convey.

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