Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chain of events

At the first day of summer, in the Flickr group "A day of your life", each of us was supposed to take pictures of the life around him or her and show them (or some of them at least) to the others, living and taking pictures, all around the glob.

Thinking of people living in Japon or India, California or Minesota, South Africa or Russia, I decided to show also some very "British" sights of London. As this red bus with two levels.

And red telephone boots, too.

That gave me the idea this morning to make a set "London, very British" in which, I first added all those "red", "the Royal Post" also, and so on.

Why not show different aspects that caracterise London for me? And some speical events, also very "British" like the Red nose day, etc.

Here they are, from the last few month (the first six month in London images I did not add yet to the set.)

There are many aspects of course to this diverse, great town, but I had to choose some "different" from other cities, other cultures.

And now, I can show them to you.

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