Monday, June 8, 2009

Body language by grand daughter

Already 11 people following what I write in this blog: waw!

Does it mean you all are also reading what I write? What a responsibility I'll have to be present then, day by day, as in my French blog!

Preparing my next Toastmasters speech, I went yesterday to my grand children's place, and asked my grand daughter, age ten, to take some videos of my different movements (and voice) while I delivered the speech.

First observation: I am not yet enough prepared!

But we did have good time together! And after the video parts were finished, she wanted to take also some pictures. She was right. The pictures she had taken illustrate so well what I was telling!

For the moment, a lot better then the small video parts: I have to write down and if not learn by heart but at least learn better what I do know I want to express. Saying it in your mind and being able to express it before someone is not the same.

How wonderful to have a receptive audience, and also someone helping me out! Not only her mother, but even the children! They are already great photographers: all this pictures were taken by her. There is already the next generation, continuity, what a great feeling!

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