Saturday, May 8, 2010

Charming men

There are charming men of any age, and I love to meet them.

My father was such a charming man too, and very bad finally to my mother. The charming men like usually to charm anyone, all women but also succeed to make easy friends with men.

I am not saying this one who came to the restaurant with a lady, 'now only her best friend but going away soon, how I will do without him' is such, and would harm, for sure, as others can also give lots of joy.

Pleasure, friendship.

Excuse me if I used this picture looking to me for a few instants with charming eyes, as I tried to take a picture of him in candlelight of the Chocolate Bar restaurant, before I told my story there. But so many different memories of my own life come up suddenly just looking at his smiling portrait.

I do not regret finally to been charmed from time to time, I had joy from it, even if it did not last. A sour sweet memory, they left after.

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