Friday, May 7, 2010

I did vote in UK

All the television, no one said, until the 5th of May, that one will vote, in some places not only for the Parlement.

As my daughter in law received an invitation to vote I decided to go with her and take some photographies there. And once there, I decided to ask ' why I did not receive also invitation?' 'You ARE on the list, you can vote for the local elections.'

I did.

What is very strange for me, coming from France, when three people verifies who you are before letting you vote, was that no ONE asked to show my papers, to prove who I am. Plus, then we do not have closed place to vote and instead of choosing a list, we had to put cross near the three names we choose, then just fold and put in the paper.

'It is the British way' people have confidence, I was told later.

What would happen if someone came later telling it was the real me?

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