Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I was stunned

I was stunned to listen to the TV programs to too many people saying "we do not need any more immigrants" and also "what we will do with those already here?"

Of course, it was also natural for Brittish to go in the colonies or anywhere else and buy, live, work or tell others what to do, the commerce with other countries seems normal and going elsewhere for holliday buying homes there too.

I do not know how many think so, because the TV can show those and not the others, but suddenly I feel more foreigner here then before.

I learned good things and bad things in this electoral campaign, tomorrow the vote in UK and tonight we vote for the next years club officers at my Toastmaster club. I woke up telling a funny story about how I messed it up at first trying to make the program for the meeting, a role that was given to me suddenly with two month in advance.

Of course, there is always one thing in our dreams and another in the reality. But finally I found the way and did it in time even if almost at the last minute and for sure the new government will be able to do so also - whoever they will be.

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