Saturday, May 22, 2010

Elephants Trafalgar Square

There are elephants everywhere in London, I presume, as I found one near hte market in Greenwich and a whole bunch of them at the Trafalgar Squre.

Today I went out at six, because the fog beconed me to take foggy photos, and I did take until my battery gave out.

From Blackheat and the Heath the bus had taken me to the end of the 202 Cristal Palace, I did not find the Palace there and then I came back with number 3 to the Trafalgar Square.

Interesting journay and discoveries, 250 images on the way from the wals and from the bus too.

Just a few of my foggy images, as today the uploader crashes all the time. enjoy!

So happy the fog asked me to go out!


  1. Do you know what the elephants are for? Are they advertising something?

  2. They are to be sold and the money used for the preservation of certain type of elephants: I took photo of one of the inscription, but I have great problems with uploading for the moment.

    They are so funny and painted differently each