Friday, May 21, 2010

Morning at my place

How much pleasure a gift can give!

Not only I like it a lot, but each time it does remind me of the generosity, welcome and warmth of those who offered me - was it a year ago?

Merci Rachel! Merci Andrew!

A huge thank you for both of you. And not only for this small nice stuffed animal lurking behind me as I write, but showing me a real English openess and hospitality.

Whoever tries to tell me that the English are cold, I have now many examples of the contrary, but your hospitality was one of the most important one between them. And this decoration in my living room reminds me day by day and even reassures me whenever I would feel alone.

I tiied always to tell myself that Things does not matterm people matters, but behind things there is ofthen people associated with them.

Think, what do You value and why? What memory is linked with it?

1 comment:

  1. you're right, things don't matter, people do.

    And if you lost your cute stuffed lamb, you'd still remember the people who gave it to you. But, even so, it's nice to have the souvenir :)