Saturday, May 29, 2010

Speaking Olympiad in London

A festival of Public Speaking, a meeting between some of the best speakers of four different public speaking Associations, I spend wonderful hours listening - and taking some photos, too.

We met at 10 : 30 at the pub The George, on Srand, accross the Royal Court of Justice. I arrived home at 17 pm. But how much I learned about how to speak about a subject, weather you prepare it or are given just an instant before!

The Cogers, formed in the 18th Century, the ASC and Speakers Bank and, of course also the Toastmasters were represented, each by three members. They compeated in 4 different kind of speaches.

They were asked as Table Topic, the same question: Winning is everything - tell us your opinion. My view of course is that they were all winners, even if there were only the Toastmasters team, with David Jones, Laura McCracken and Paul Carrol who went away with the winners cup. They were all of them great and wonderful.

The debates, the answers about the Table Topic, etc. short speeches or longer ones, what a great talent and mastery exhibited by all!

I do have now ideas of Table Topics, debate examples, etc. for many of our club meetings.

Weather my pictures are well taken or not is not so relevant, in all case they do remind me of them and all of them and also of lots of things they spoke about.

I was very very impressed!

Bravo to all of you and the Chairmen and the different speech leaders and the organizers, and thanks special to theLondonSpeaker blog for having written about this great event.

David Thomson, Toastmaster from 15 years, was the chief judge, but he had five different judges with him. I do own him my first speech, the Icebreaker way back at the beginning of last year, when he asked me "who wants to give his or her first speech... tomorrow at Croydon?"

Of course, I had to be prepared, and I was.

More then this days with some of my speeches, but from now on...

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