Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photos for a departure

The doctor Samatha, born in India departed to the Crematorium in Lewisham and his wife, Margo had help from lots of people.

She is and was always nice and brave - and we all did what we could each of us. For me it was first to help her write a page about the life of his late husband and their meeting and life together, finally finding a way to print all in a single page with two columns easy to read.

Then it was her request for me to take photos.

That was the task I dreaded most, I have never followed a marriage, and now to follow an cremation did not seem easy to me, but finally I got through it and those hours will be able to be remembered.

Here there are the images from going dawn from her apartment to the three waiting limousines plus all the following cars to the nice park where the Lewisham crematorium is located, some from the ceremony and the flowers after outside.

I did not yet work on the images inside, once home again to her place, once I do it, I will be able to try to make a book from all that, to have a souvenir as she did her last duty by him with whom she lived forty years, and devoted last three years all her hours day - and night.

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