Sunday, May 23, 2010

London in fog

London in fog_0160v
London, of Sherlock Holmes, was supposed to be men in tweeds and the city in fog, all the time.

In the last 18 month, perhaps three mornings, and even not all the day, wa in fog, and yes, even then not so thick as it was dercribed.

I read, this is because there is almost no more heating with carbon and no factories for sure that 'smoke'

So it is normal, that I run out of the house as soon as I have seen what is lurkng outside: finally a nice "English fog!"

I walked my street and through the heath taking photos, there is a special light in the fog, a special quality of image that comes out, even when you take from far. Then, I wanted to go centre London but instead took the first bus that arrived: Crystal Palace. It beckoned me.

There was not Crystal nor Palace but a small park and lots of busses, there, so after taking some pictures of trees and people, I took another bus, this time towards Oxford Circle, through I got down in Trafalgar Square as soon as I have seen the Elephants.

The battery of my camera refused to function soon after that, so I got a train back, home, but not before I had a great breakfast of Croissants and chocolate at the station, and bought some books.

So difficult to resist books!

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  1. I love the light in fog, and the special way it illuminates the landscape