Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doctor Sushantha Ghosh

The Doctor Sushantha Ghosh, was one of my neighbour's, already very ill when I moved here. This is a rare time when he stood in the street, while waiting for the car to take him to the hospital for treatment.

I have not seen a more devoted wife as Margo, day and night, she was always there to help her.

They met in England, but he was original from India and she from Germany. "I did not like his moustache when we met, and learning that, he cut it, also, it took me a few days in our common workplace to realise it.

She was recently diagnosed with cancer and had to be operated, they had to put him for a time in a care house for older people, but while she was still in the hospital, he fell and died.

They will be a ceremony of remembering and celebrating his life tomorrow and I was asked to go and take photos there. I was happy to find this picture of him, that I took after we spoke a little on the street.

Speaking to the others, makes such a difference!

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