Thursday, May 6, 2010

Julie at candelight

It was not originally my idea - my first husband took a photo at candlelight of each of our children - more then 35 years ago. I have them on my walls.

From then on, I experiment from time to time with photos in candlelight, this small candles in the Chocolat Bar where specially good for it.

We held there the HOME theme storytelling event with three of us and Johanna telling a story about it - from the original seven people telling at Cafe Canal Theatre.

Now, I could finally read my memory card and look at the pictures, today I will have to look one by one. In fact, even if I was the one begining to take portraits at candlelight there, last week, or was it farther away? this is of me is taken by Johanna, the organizer of all Spark London events.

Not too bad, it is a really good candlelight image - of me.

I become Vice President of Education in my Toastmaster Club, I do hope that I will be able to do the task well, and yes, I'll have lots to do.

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