Monday, May 17, 2010

Paris 2e garnment disctrict- 3 yrs ago

Three years ago, I had an interesting project in mind: visit Paris's all 20 arrondissments, one by one, discover in each one a part that no tourist's go usually and that I do not know yet, myself.

I took a detailed map of Paris, and planned each of the 20 trips ahead, going to the starting point, but then, letting my whim take me wherever I choose or was attracted at the moment.

I begun with the 1st Arrondissment, and could not help not to make a detour by the Louvre, the new Pyramide, but then, fast went farther and discovered the closed passageways of the !st.

At the 2nd arrondissment, I have decided to unravel more of the garment neighbourhood, and discovered lots of great sights and scenes. Not only the prostitutes waiting and young gangs staring at them, but also toward the end, the market near St Eustache cathedral.

One by one, I had 'taken on' Paris, going from Argnetuil to the city by train usually, sometimes by bus and underground. About one hour to go and one hour back, plus two or three hours walking, sometimes longer, interrupted by lunch in a snall place or a bench.

In my Flickr stream I did have a Collection : The 20 Arrondissments of Paris, which I completed in about 8 month, from spring to autumn. Some of the pictures I have taken are still between my favourites, but what I discovered was also that there is such a wonderful diversity in that city that not many know!

For the moment, I am overwhelmed by London's bourough that are each so different and huge, but I did try to go to its festivals and markets, and of course its also toward its very divers people! With time, a more clear project will emerge for this city too.

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