Monday, May 10, 2010

A small problem

It is not easy to run so many miles in the Marathon, but you can run on problems right at the start.

Here is someone who had to stop almost at the begining, in four pictures.

I even did not realise at the time that my Burst on the camera was on, but it did help, and I could try it out also another time.

It is not so easy to begin my task as VP Education in my speaker's club, before I make the planning of the meetings,

I have to know all members, what they have done so far, find out also who needs more help and what I can ask from each other, how much time they have just now to prepare a new speech and of course, if I give them some other tasks to be sure they will be able to come.

I spend all my Sunday learning, putting data in Excell - that I did not use for a long time either - in different ways, figuring out what I can learn from the data I got so far.

A steep learning curve, but this morning I am more confident that I will be able to do it.

Also, to help the group in whole, I hope I will be able to givem, now that I did receive so much.

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  1. I'm sure your input to the club will be invaluable, and you'll get a lot more out of it too.

    I never understood, as a child, what adults meant when they said "You get out what you put in", or "The more you put in, the more you get out". I do now.