Sunday, May 9, 2010

Do you believe?

Do you believe?... 123/365 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
This is a borrowed photo, and I admire it a lot.

I am not sure how she shot it, or if it is an image contructed from three images, the background and then two 'objects' put on it, but it does 'speak' to me.

The title was: "do you believe'"?
Under it she wrote: I do not believe in fairy tales but I do in happy endings!

For myself, even if my rational self does not believe in happy endings, my soul still does, and needs it, craves it, reads and reads book where they become real.

In my life, the happy ending mostly was temporary, and by happy endings we mean usually 'ever after' so in fact I should say, I do believe in Happy endings but not in Ever after. In fact, after the Happiness ends, I believe in new beginings, new chances - so it becomes again, happy, even if not as in a Romance novels where it ends at the point of mariage or declaration of love for ever.

Ever of not, we remain to deal with what happens and being delighted as much and as long as possible.

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