Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Damien speaking

Yesterday, m'y collègue Toastmaster, became Competent Communicator.

A great event.

He worked two years and two month toward it, going from project to project, throughout manual called Competent Communicator. In all ten projects. Each time incorporating, not only what we learn in all previous projects, but also, what we learn listening, looking, evaluating others.

On the way, we get more and more confident speakers. More and more confident. More and more competent.

Finishing the CC manual is a milestone.

Of course, also a realisation, that there is a lot more behind us. Growing never stops.

Of course, not even at seventy seven year old, as for me.

It is such a joy, to follow a fellow Toastmaster, grow, develop. Gain more knowledge and confidence in speaking to a public.

It was a great privilege to evaluate Damian, yesterday evening. As, by chance I was the one having given feedback to his first speech, too, I could even more measure the distance he went. What a joy!

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