Thursday, May 31, 2012

From one to the other end

On the road from DLR-04v

Do I pass on the floating bridge? At least, from the train it seemed floating to me. Or go on the huge and seemingly solid boat wherever it leads me.

The question is a no-briener for me,  as I am not sure when I loose the control of where I go, when I am in others hand as to the direction and can not leave when I want. Too much bad experiences. So I stick to the bridge, hoping for the best. Going slowly and perhaps not all sure of my direction all the time, but knowing that it will lead me to something interesting, worth doing, living through.

I am now near to start crossing. My year as club President finishes in a month (or piratically even less) and I think only for the moment of my new task as Area Governor for four clubs. What I would like to do is less difficult then figuring out how and all the unknowns that will arrive on the road, from now to one year on.

Somehow, this picture taken from the speeding DRL train Lewisham to Bank, tells me so much more then just a bridge, a boat and water. Each of us can make up a story from it, can we not?

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