Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Golden Jester Comedy Awards

In different places throughout UK, not only London, at Belushi's bar restaurants, the Golden Jester Comedy award 2012 begun this spring.

I passed the first round in Greenwich, just so. We were 4 or 5 to go farther, one of us won the first price.

The quarter final was yesterday, in Camden. I almost did not go as I did not find anyone to come with me. Finally, I decided to be present, anyway.

Once there, I found first a comedy pal from my first workshop, who had two friends with him, and one offered to be "my guest". Then, the guest I have invited did arrive also the last minute.

I was on.

And the second between all to perform.

What a warm audience ! And plenty. I was not stressed at all, I new the comedy pal I met is a lot better then me. So what? I will enjoy myself and the audience. And perhaps, be between those who passes to the next level, beside the winner.

Well, I did not pass with the others.

I was the winner!
I won yesterday evening at the Standup Comedy
It is always great to win a contest. When it is not expected even more. The audience really liked me, as I had but one guest with me, this time. And the suspense was complete till I heard my name.

On to the next gig, next competition. More important, the next meeting with the audience.

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