Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy 75th Birthday GG Bridge

Photo taken for the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge by C_homstra, with a Canon camera.

It was my future Standup comedy workshop intructor, who lives in Marine county accross the bridge, who told me yesterday about the big special day.

I'll find something about it on flickr!

I went this morning to flickr, of course, I found a lot of picture with the great beautiful fareworks. Homstra's photography, is the one almost the only one showing also the bridge.

Golden Gate bridge, 75, almost as old as me, I am only two years older. But they must have begun building it a lot before.

I have many different memories of the bridge. Once, I even stopped and went down from the bus, to cross it walking. The bridge itself is not so long but longer than I belived, and I could not see much from it, as the fog came and then rain, but after it a lot more to walk to the next bus station.

Another time, and that is what left even more memories in me, I went SF side under the bridge and sit down. I stayed long time there, looking at the water going under me, thinking of my life and the ruins of my love affair of three years from which I just fled (from Paris to San Francisco), and writing in my diary.

Picture by TobyHarryman, from Sosalito on Flickr
That is where and when, I decided that for sure, I will not go back with him. I will create a new life "even better" and even if I have to spend it alone, I told myself, even if I did not really believed yet. But hoped.

My life in mist and fog as the photo below shows, that I also found this morning. Memories link us to places and places makes us remember.

Well, it was also a great decision of course, even if at that time it still hurt and was not easy to take.

Now, I can celebrate it with the fireworks!

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