Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gare Saint Lazare, Paris

First Time, ii went really to Paris.

I was afraid of the storm, we had only deposit and even that stopped till I got in the city.

The bus, the train arrived fast, and of course the metro train too. I arrived an hour early. So I had time, for a cafe and even a hot chocolate!

First, I believed, all is more expensive in the middle of the city. The Pranzo, is on the "Grands Boulevards" with theatres and lots of careers and restaurants around.

Yes, one can pay there 5 euros for a single chocolate chaud, mais just next to it, I found a Magdonald's McCafe, and I had a double expresso with a fondant of chocolate for only 3 euros.

The New York Comedy was fabulous. Great opening and closing, by from now on, my prefered comedian, Sebastian Max, and a delightful and funny compère, Phillis. I was inspired by both, as well by the other acts, who gave me to inspiration to new material.

Pierre, no, women do not become whores, just because they sleep a bit around like men do! And Phillis, size does not matter! All is what you do with it.

I also met Ibaz Crea, great comedian, the first time performing in English. I did not felt lost between all the other accents!

Of course, I was the only one with Hungarian one! 5 comedians and 70 people in audience. And what a reactive, great, warm audience!

My set went well, great reaction, laugh, and even long strong applauses in some of its parts.

My only regret is that I did not use some of my material, newly (not yet enough) learned. They would have let me go on, longer. And yes, I have to dare improvise also more. I got the idea, but did not dare to use them.

As it was, wonderful debut for Julie Seventy in Paris! In New York's Comedy. I'll have to come back with longer material!

Will meet almost all those great comedians in London, too, I feel, soon.

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