Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two clowns

Well the clowns in this picture laugh. We do not laugh all the time.

As we grow too confident, the life tells us "be more modest" ! Reminds us all is never gained.

Saturday, I had a wonderful gig, everyone (including me) enjoyed it. And great public. Monday, we were almost between us, comedians. And I mixed up my lines, too. Inserting new material and telling the rest our of order. Well, I had a few laughs only, and not as strong either.

I came home in the evening, put in my place and wondering "is it worth it?" That was the feeling Adam Blum warned us a year ago. "Go on!" he told us. Do not stop after some who go less well.

For 33 gigs, I went from good to best to good, but yesterday I was down as I got home. I should not be. Just, learn from it, and become more modest.

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