Monday, May 21, 2012

Looking up at Stables, Chalk Farm

There are so many interesting aspects of London! So many facets.

London does not offer himself to tourists, at once, as Paris does.

You have to "know" the places, the entrances, the time of the day even.

When to go to the Borough market, to Brick Lane or to Camden. And when you know a bit, then, suddenly you discover even there new facets.

Chalk Farm begins after you cross the Canal Great Union. And almost hidden on left side, coming from Camden, right when you arrive from Chalk Farm underground, is the Stables.
Stables Market, Camden-31
All dedicated to horse and all around horses, no more horses there other then in statue form.

Stables Market, Camden-07

A mix of market, coffee places, colourful mix and match. I discovered it last year when Logan held his "impro" class there in one of the upstairs rooms of one of the staircases.
Garrett at Stables-2
I become fascinated by Camden's diversity and life and also by the Stables, more discrete.
Cyberdog In the Stables Market_0045
Each part of London has its own charm and atmosphere. Takes probably a life time to discover and curiosity and time. And decision to mingle with all kind of people, not remaining in your own circle only.

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  1. You have discovered the area where I work! I sometimes explore the market - I have been there for over a year and I have still not discovered everything. :)