Friday, May 25, 2012

What a wonderful evening!

Green Park. The college of public speaking. Speeches to Educate. Speeches to informe. A debate. Speeches to entertain.

In fact, all the speeches delivered my masters were at the same time educating, informing and entertaining too. Even if we did laugh more with David's and learn more with Paul, or made to think more with Freddy. Or Fergus, with his power of 'why' reminding me of my grand son: why we have to go to the airport. Why grandma has to leave? Why? And so on. And my daughter infinite patience answering each 'why'.

I have to listen again. To look at my notes. Not many, I was too absorbed while they spoke, one after the other, masterfully, to write. Just a few expressions, words, here or there. The rest, to ponder, to remember. An enchanting evening.

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