Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A memory from my life!

I met Leena begining of May, in the small courtyard garden around the huge Watter Tower, accross the building I lived a while ago for 23 years.

That was the most I stayed anywhere.

I still regret it today. But life makes you move on. And who knows if I would have had the force to leave it if I did not have to, and come to London? As it is, leaving Argenteuil, where I lived after for 7 years was not so difficult.

I went inside this place attracted by Leena and her colourful dress. She came all way from Danmark to rest a bit there, and she writes now "you made my day".

We did chatt and learned about each other while retreating a bit from the bruhaha and goings on the main streets of top of Butte Montmartre.

A nice memory and it left both of us with a nice feeling. Connecting, how powerful that can be!

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  1. So, true! Connecting with people is wonderful experience :)